Here we shine

Projeto — Éllo Restaurant

Use — Folha House

Architectural Record — MOPI School

Oca — Folha House

Architectures of the Americas — Folha House

AU — Araucária House

Interior design — Glem

Atlas of World Architecture — Folha House

School Architecture — MOPI School

C3 susteinable Architectse — Several

Another Architecture — MOPI School

Details — MOPI School

Roberto Burle Marx Book — Tree of Life Garden

Livro Wall Elements Art Wall — MOPI

Wallpaper — MOPI School

AU — Glem

Escala — Folha House

Collection Braun Book — Folha House

Casa Vogue — Araucária House

Casas Brasileiras — Folha House

ISTOÉ Ambiente Sustentável - Folha House

Details — Folha House

IDT — Folha House

AU — MOPI School

Projeto Design — Jordão Hotel

A&C Detail Book — MOPI School

MD — Glem

Kaza — Folha House

L+D — Folha House

Casa e Construção — Folha House

Large Office Spaces — Glem

DDN — Folha House

Livro Vertente Arquitetura e Design — Folha House

Livro O Valor das Florestas — Folha House

Design Vision — Glem

Wish — Folha House

Casas de Sonho Book — Folha House

AU — Jovens Escritórios

Abitare — House In The Forest

Projeto Design — FOX offices

Projeto — Araucária House

Life Element — Folha House

Decorar — Leblon Studio

Projeto Design — Spirit Comunicação Agency

AU — Folha House

Esquadria de Alumínio na Arquitetura Book — Folha House

Design Matrix — Folha House

Escala — Several

Gabriel — Folha House

Arquitetura & Construção — House In The Forest

Sure, it feels good to see our work out there, kind of living its own life, but we'd rather you take a look on how each project has its unique story to tell.

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