Year: 2007
Surface: 1.240m²
Location: Rio de Janeiro


The Mobius strip imposed itself as the symbol of this new reality emerging in the revitalization of our ecosystems and in the recycling of both materials and ideas. The universal recycling symbol has made an obvious use of this mathematical creation from the 19th century.

The strip points to a new reality, where the notions of in and out, right and wrong lose their traditional definitions. We hope that in this way the researchers at NUTRE will, in a pleasant environment, in touch with the preexisting and created nature, have a space conducive to questioning and to formulating new ideas.

When we created the project for the buildings that will house the NUTRE (Ecosystem Treatment and Recovery Center) headquarter, we thought about the eco sustainable principles that would be the motivation for the project and how they would be conveyed through the architecture. It seemed fundamental to us to use the principles of correct placement in relation to the sun and the winds, proper materials and equipment, rationalization of the construction site, but those things did not seem enough in order to attain our goal. We had to represent these ideas by creating a symbol that would make the building recognizable not only for being environmentally friendly but also for being unique.

The project is divided into three blocks:
The administrative block to the right of the building;
The services block on the left;
The science block at the back, consisting of labs and decompression areas.
The shape of the building was chosen according to the best location for the labs, as well as to allow for possible fusions and extensions. It is important to highlight the fact that the circular plan allows us to have a perfect balance between shading and views to the landscape. The shading is done by the Mobius strip, which spins for 12 hours, avoiding the incidence of direct sunlight into the labs.

Cubist House

Beneath the shade of the rosewood tree