Year: 2014/2017
Surface: 300m²
Location: Rio de Janeiro

Air, water, wind, weightlessness

Raising the house from the ground, letting the air through. A constant breeze runs through the entire structure of the house. Feeling unbound on the roof while hearing the water run.

A house detached from the ground; a suspended terrace with a view of the beautiful lagoons and mountains.

One block beneath and behind the water – the house’s architecture is developed in this manner. A sculptural steel structure (originally designed in glulam) sustains the organic roof that protects from the rain and the intense sun. The wind blows freely through the suspended terrace.

The waters above meet the waters beneath, increasing the feeling of freshness in the prismatic block. A structural challenge made of steel and concrete makes the big swings increase the sensation of weightlessness. The living room, the dining room and the kitchen are naturally lit by the zenithal light that goes through the big glass on the pool level.

Chapada dos Veadeiros House

A flower from the Brazilian cerrado for you