Year: 2021
Surface: 10.250m²
Location: Playa Hermosa - Costa Rica

A 5-star hotel in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.

Clients came to us looking for a tropical architecture that reflected the spirit of the place: a luxury hotel with the feeling of standing on the sand.

As in all our other projects, and following Costa Rica’s environmental preservation laws, the land suffered almost no intervention. The native forest was mapped with the help of digital point cloud topography, allowing us to develop an architecture below the immense tree tops.

Projects outside Brazil allow us to have contact with professionals from other places, which enriches our work with new experiences and techniques.

The hotel was diluted in bungalows and two social areas, with the entire layout following the indications of the topography, trees, and river.

The decisive material is glued laminated wood, which composes the structure of the front building and the bungalows. Irregular woods from the region are also used to form the curvatures and the external look of the buildings.

The whole project is guided by natural materials. On the beach, a collection of stones embellished the construction. The trees add a special touch to the lighting, filtering the external light and making the internal light more pleasant.

The sinuous geometry is allied to an organic proposal through sustainable elements. The garden, with all its aspect of exuberant forest, values the native vegetation.

The sensation is that the guests are immersed in a tropical forest in front of the beach beauty.

Maya’s veil rises

In harmony with the landscape