Year: 2017
Surface: 4.045m²
Location: Jijoca de Jericoacoara

Magalo Hotel

The entrance to the hotel evokes the brick walls of the church, the oldest building in Vila de Jericoacoara.

The idea was to isolate the city’s water tank, which is located next to the hotel’s entrance, and to create a “tunnel of time”, taking the guest to a world of organic buildings that snake around the property creating big and small open areas. With several pergolas placed at different heights we were able to attain a great shading movement.

We qualified these spaces with several functions, lightings and vegetation. The path is enriched by a space that always surprises the guest, be it with its form, function or the state of mind it inspires. The rooms spread out and are almost always suspended, and different from one another, always revealing new views and beautiful landscapes.

The water mitigates the heat and creates a pleasant-sounding microclimate. The social areas are entirely connected to the beach and the ocean. Three Villas complement the hotel, working as accommodations for families and friends who seek a bit more privacy.

This project is characterized by the simplicity of its constructive materials, with glulam curved beams and the other components made of round wood. The suspended gardens complement the freshness of the whole, serving as an observatory, allowing guests to see the beautiful dunes of Jericoacoara’s National Park.

Authors: Ivo Mareines and Matthieu Van Beneden

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