Year: 2015
Surface: 3.909m²
Location: Rio de Janeiro

A renewing project

The starting points for the new Eleva School project were two heritage buildings in Tijuca. These buildings were used to harbor the school’s administrative and pedagogical centers.

Taking advantage of the land’s constructive possibilities, we suggested a new four-story building to house all the conventional and thematic classrooms, the labs and a top floor reserved for gatherings, the cafeteria and the sports court.

The circulation is entirely open and covered in such a way that light and air penetrate freely. The walls outside the classrooms work as a base for the work of artists and students, which changes periodically.

We placed Fab-Lab, an important pedagogical space, a place of invention and learning, on the ground floor, along with a media library and an auditorium which, when not in use, can be fully opened, turning into a meeting and interaction area.

Merci Chef

“Ready-to-wear” gastronomy