Year: 2018
Surface: 230m²
Location: Brussels, Belgium

Traditional and Contemporary

Chez Vincent is part of Brussel’s artistic and cultural heritage. Its facade and first hall are, in fact, preserved. They asked us to intervene in the extremely inharmonic second hall.

The instructions were to do something new that would accommodate a new young crowd all the while preserving some of the characteristics of the traditional restaurant. We selected a project that reinterpreted the nautical motifs of the historic ceramic panels.

A new background, similar to a ship’s hull, along with tiles covered in graffiti by Belgian artist Dennis Meyers give continuity to the nautical theme as well as offer a contrast.

Tradition and contemporaneity; oneiric representation and random writings. This is how Chez Vincent is preparing for new times and a new clientele.

Punta Cana House

A dip in the Caribbean